September 25, 2012

Perhaps a world first! : Connections 4.0 hosted on an iMac!

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Okay, so it’s not very functional in that it can only handle one user, very slowly, and I’m pretty confident it’s not a configuration supported by IBM, but it works!  I’ve got a production installation coming up within the next few days and as it’s been a long time since I last did a Connections install, and as the documentation warns right at the outset that the installation process has changed and the installation has to be followed exactly as per the documentation if wanting support from IBM, I thought it best to practice first.  My normal test server is otherwise occupied, so VM Fusion on a quad core iMac with 8GB RAM was the remaining option.  Two Win 2008 VM Servers and many hours later and it’s all up and running, including Cognos for Metrics, Domino for mail, AD LDAP, DB2, and Sametime!  Now to see if I can get Connections Mail 1.0 up and running before the poor thing starts to smoke.

So what have I learned:

  • I wouldn’t want to try it straight from the Connections 4.0 wiki documentation if I hadn’t done an installation before.  There’s a lot of information in there, which is good, but at times it was really confusing.  Back to the good old Connections 3 Small Deployment instructions – with pictures! – and I found a Connections 3 presentation by Mitch Cohen and Stuart McIntyre that was excellent as you would expect, but have since lost it!  If I find it again I’ll add a comment to this post.
  • The Connections 4 Installation Worksheet is invaluable – I copied and pasted the tables into separate spreadsheet tabs and refer to it frequently to confirm configuration settings, accounts and passwords, etc.
  • Read, read, read, read, and read the instructions in the wiki!  It’s so easy to miss something and it doesn’t take much for things to go wrong, especially if you’re not working with the various products on a regular basis, as in my case.
  • Don’t end up in the embarrassing situation of getting everything up and running, publishing/promoting it to users for testing etc, then logging off the server and wondering why you’re getting calls complaining that it isn’t working.  I haven’t yet found the instructions in the wiki on the WebSphere services configurations, but you have to manually configure the services so that Connections keeps running when you log off the server.  I recommend using WASServiceCmd if you’re not familiar with this process.  If it’s a Network Deployment of WebSphere only set up the nodeagents to start as services, configure the various servers as per the instructions from Handly.
  • The Connections 4 wiki doesn’t provide any instructions on installing IBM HTTP Server and plugins, the Connections 3 Small Deployment step-through linked above helps with that.
  • Don’t forget to schedule the TDI batch file for updating Profiles from the LDAP directory.  For some reason that I am yet to determine the AD sync process doesn’t work in my environment, but the sync_all_dns task does the trick.

Those were the main aspects, there may have been others but my brain’s pretty fried by now – functioning not to dissimilarly to my iMac at present – but if I get a chance tomorrow and the iMac doesn’t quit on me I’m going to dive into the Mail 1.0 integration.  What could possibly go wrong!?

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  1. Mike, sounds like you are getting the hang of it. If you want the connectoins installation worksheet in a spreadsheet form, with Cognos included plus some more details i posted it on my blog. Here’s the link, i update it when i ind more to add to it. http://blog.vanessabrooks.com/2012/09/ibm-connections-40-installation-details.html

    Comment by Keith Brooks (@LotusEvangelist) — November 9, 2012 @ 7:11 am

  2. Thanks Keith, I’ve also been building on the IBM spreadsheet with my installs as well, so I’ll check yours out and see if I’ve missed anything. Thanks for that. Cheers

    Comment by Mike Burford — November 9, 2012 @ 1:46 pm

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